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European Year of Skills

Advancing Dentistry in Serbia: Helping Professionals for Future Challenges

The Serbian Dental Chamber is organising workshops and lectures for Serbian dentists designed to help them to get new skills and knowledge in the field. This is supporting the field to be better prepared for future challenges.  

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Dentists are currently facing the challenge of overproduction and there are concerns about the lack of practice and knowledge that current dentists acquired during their studies. The Serbian Chamber of Dentistry recognises these challenges and is committed to supporting dentists to help address challenges such as those posed by new technology.  

To this end, it organises annual workshops and conferences to educate dentists, dental assistants and dental technicians. The purpose of these initiatives is to assist in the introduction of digital technology in dentistry. In addition, the Chamber is addressing the lack of experience in the skills needed in certain emergency situations. The aim of these trainings is to equip dentists for their practice and give them the additional knowledge and skills they need to cope with the challenges of daily practice. This approach allows dentists to improve their skills and provide patients with the best possible care, ultimately improving the quality of dentistry in Serbia.  

Practical Strategies for Professional Advancement 

The workshops and trainings that have been organised by the Dental Chamber of Serbia have had serious positive results. By organising these annual conferences and workshops across the country, they have facilitated the practical education and professional development of dentists. These events offer professionals the opportunity to learn about the latest technology, research and best practices in dentistry. In addition, this initiative encourages the exchange of ideas between professionals, promotes collaboration, and contributes to the development of the dental community in Serbia. 

Through continuous education, the Serbian Chamber of Dentistry not only keeps pace with rapid changes in the field of dentistry, but also educates professionals with high standards and competencies.  

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The Serbian Dental Chamber is a professional, independent association of dentists and their legitimate representative in the Republic of Serbia. The Serbian Chamber of Dentistry is a key institution working to promote the dental profession through various educational initiatives. Its primary mission is to provide continuing education for Serbian dentists, improve their skills, and enhance the overall quality of their work. A key event in achieving this goal is the Congress of Dentists of Serbia, which serves as an important forum for the exchange of knowledge, experiences, and the latest advancements in dentistry.