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European Year of Skills

Aida’s mission to revolutionise learning in Albanian schools

Generation Next

Aida lives in the city of Elbasan, Albania, and works as a biology teacher at Jeronim De Rada school. She has long known that change is needed in the Albanian education system, and the old method 'to simply transfer information and require students to memorize it' is no longer appropriate in this modern world.

Aida: A Science Maverick in Elbasan, Albania

That's why Aida is proud to be at the center of a project that teaches students problem-solving and digital skills all in one go. The school’s Coding Club is part of the program Generation Next, an initiative to bring digital skills and knowledge into Albanian schools. Funded by the Vodafone Foundation and developed in cooperation with the NGO SciCo, Generation Next uses STEM methodologies to build skills and help create a better future for everyone.

Redefining Education: A Call for Change in Albania

Aida envisions the project as a way to revolutionize learning in Albania. 'Learning,' she says, will now be recognized as 'an active mental process that occurs when the teacher chooses the appropriate method or style of learning based on the needs of the students.' Alongside developing vital digital skills, students enjoy learning in a relaxed environment where they can express themselves creatively, collaborate freely, and solve problems swiftly. Convinced that this new approach will spread through classrooms to other schools and across the country, she sees a bright future ahead for Albania’s coding kids and educators.

Generation Next: Empowering Minds Through Digital Alchemy

'This project, implemented on a regular basis, gives students the opportunity to carry out practical activities independently, they experience the pleasure of scientific discovery and satisfy their curiosity about the world, but also solve problems that our schools are currently facing and also learn how to tackle solving real problems in the family, in life, and everywhere.'

Generation Next: Igniting Innovation in Albanian Public Schools Generation Next offers yearly competitions for students and provides teachers and educators with materials and workshops to integrate STEM projects into their schools. It is the first of its kind implemented in Albanian public schools and follows an approved curriculum. The Vodafone Foundation, originator of Generation Next, has made it their mission to support European policy by becoming the 'champions of digital education.'