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European Year of Skills

Bridging the Gap Between Young Graduates and Job Opportunities

Within Employouth project, start-up Bintern helped young graduates to create sustainable start-ups, manage company on their own, and foster a “culture of entrepreneurship”.  

Cross-border efforts for better employment – the Employouth project 

Employouth aspired to introduce a comprehensive set of strategies to facilitate the integration of graduates into the job market. It did so by providing them with opportunities to refine their skills and to accumulate valuable work experience, through creating start-up programme Bintern among others. Employouth was implemented in the cross-border area between Greece and the Republic of North Macedonia between 2018-2021, co-funded by EU funds under the Interreg Programme.  

Bintern: marketplace that connects people  

The Employouth project made a real difference for people in the region, as shown in Dimitar’s story. Dimitar, a 26-year-old from North Macedonia, used the support of the project to develop a start-up together with his team - Bintern was born.  

Bintern is not just a business idea; it is a platform that connects students, graduates, job seekers, and companies, offering internships and work opportunities. It collaborates with companies, allowing them to post job listings, assess applicants, and employ the most suitable candidates. The focus is on providing internships to students and job seekers, creating pathways to successful professional development and meaningful employment opportunities. 

Thanks to Employouth, the team behind Bintern presented this innovative idea to local funding organisations and secured grants from the Fund for Innovation and Technology Development. This was the beginning of journey that continues to this day, as Bintern actively participates in various domestic and international start-up programmes to further develop the business idea.  

If you want to follow Dimitar’s path, discover Interreg programmes in your region!  


Employouth project was funded by Interreg IPA cross-Border Cooperation Programme Greece – Republic of North Macedonia 2014-2020. Interreg is an EU instrument that strengthens cooperation between regions and countries within the EU. Interreg has funded 138 cooperation projects across central Europe which have addressed shared regional challenges.