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European Year of Skills

CONNECTED TO EU Project empowers public administrators for a more resilient public administration across Europe

The efficiency and effectiveness of public administration play a key role in shaping societies. Recognising this, the European Union emphasises transparency and good governance as essential elements for fostering trust and participation among citizens. The CONNECTED TO EU project embodies this vision, aiming to enhance the transversal skills of public administrators across Europe.

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Led by the Fondazione Gazzetta Amministrativa della Repubblica Italiana, CONNECTED TO EU represents a pioneering effort to reach this goal. Collaborating with partners from Italy, Romania, and the Czech Republic, the project adopts an innovative approach to the digital transition. While technology and digital skills are crucial, CONNECTED TO EU recognises that true transformation requires the development of transversal skills, such as communication, leadership, teamwork, and effective decision-making.  

Over 36 months, the project follows different phases. Initially, partners conduct a comprehensive analysis of organisational and strategic management in public bodies across participating countries. Drawing from this analysis, the project develops a model for the development of “virtuous public leaders”, encompassing both technical and transversal skills. An interactive technological infrastructure is then created to facilitate training in areas such as the digital transition, communication, and psychology. This platform allows participants to share best practices and foster continuous learning. Throughout the project, the key focus remains on empowering public administrators to become catalysts for positive change within their institutions.  

There are multiple benefits for the 45 managers involved in the project. Through tailored training programmes and experiential learning, they acquire new methodologies for skills development and gain a deeper understanding of the role of transversal skills in effective governance. Equipped with enhanced digital, communication, and leadership capabilities, these managers are well positioned to drive meaningful change within their respective public bodies.  

In essence, CONNECTED TO EU exemplifies the transformative potential of collaborative initiatives that empower public administrators and foster a culture of transparency and excellence in governance. By investing in the development of transversal and digital skills, the project not only strengthens participants’ skills, but also lays the foundation for a more resilient and responsive public administration across Europe.