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European Year of Skills

Creative Futures Academy: a partnership for skills development in the creative and cultural sector

Working across three institutions, Creative Futures Academy (CFA) has reimagined higher education frameworks to create learner-centred programmes that respond to future skills needs in the creative and cultural sector. Courses include digital technologies, creative writing, music, visual arts, etc.

Creative Futures Academy

CFA is a partnership between three leading creative institutions – the National College of Art and Design (NCAD), the University College Dublin (UCD), and the Institute of Art Design and Technology (IADT). It is funded through the Irish Government’s Human Capital Initiative. 

By facilitating collaborations between academics and industry experts, CFA aims to identify and respond to future skills needs in a meaningful way. The Academy gives learners access to flexible, modular, part and full-time accredited courses, both online and in person. Courses include digital technologies, screen and media, creative writing, music, performing arts, visual and applied arts, design, and much more. On top of technical skills, CFA supports students to gain critical skills to expand their creative careers. 

Are you looking for an opportunity in the creative and cultural sector? Find out more about CFA projects and check out their range of upcoming courses here. 

Testimonials from students 

  • Student of the Certificate in Multi-Camera Television – Live Studio Broadcast: “CFA provided the education and resources necessary to allow me to further my skills/abilities with hands-on practical experience.” 

  • Student of the Certificate in Radio and Podcast Production: “The Radio Broadcast and Podcast Production course provided me with the tools and confidence to pursue my interests in audio production.” 

  • Student of the Professional Certificate in Art and Ecology: “I’ve been searching for a way to integrate my love and interest in the environment with my art practice beyond the traditional approach of direct visual representational art. This course really helped me to push my practice beyond that while staying true to my own working methods and creative process.” 


CFA recently participated in the Creative Skills Week 2023, which took place in Vienna on 10-13 October. Creative Skills Week 2023 is an initiative of the EU Pact for Skills for the Cultural and Creative Industries Ecosystem, the Alliance for Sectoral Cooperation on Skills CYANOTYPES (funded by the European Commission Erasmus+ Programme) and the European Creative Hubs Network (co-funded by the European Commission).