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European Year of Skills

The National Pedagogical Institute of the Czech Republic on The Power of Lifelong Learning

The European Agenda for Adult Learning project, led by the National Pedagogical Institute of the Czech Republic, recognises the importance of equipping adults with skills they need to succeed in life. To reinforce this message, the project has created an inspiring collection of videos and infographics designed to raise awareness about these essential skills and the value of lifelong learning. 

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The core focus of the initiative is to highlight a broad spectrum of skills that adults need for a well-rounded, fulfilling life. These include literacy, numeracy, and digital proficiency, which serve as the foundation for personal growth and participation in an increasingly digital world. The project also broadens its scope to emphasise life skills such as civic engagement, financial literacy, media literacy, and environmental awareness. These skills are not only vital for navigating everyday life but also for actively contributing to one's community and the environment. You can watch the video on life skills here.

The impact of these videos and infographics goes far beyond simply sending information. They want to make adult education providers, such as educational organisations, non-governmental organisations, community centres, libraries, career counsellors, and corporate educators, aware of the vital role they play in helping their clients develop these skills. The videos and infographics serve as a guide, directing educators towards skill development, emphasising the need for a systematic approach in the Czech Republic. Policymakers are also encouraged to help foster an environment conducive to lifelong learning and skill development.

One of the features of this initiative is the inclusion of real-life experiences and success stories from adult learners and the providers who have helped them along the way. The project has invited several adult learning providers and their clients to take part in two of the videos. Each provider has a distinct perspective and works with diverse target groups, resulting in truly diverse and inspiring narratives.

Rubikon Centrum, for example, focuses on individuals with criminal past, aiding them in developing essential social and communication skills. The Člověk v tísni (People in Need) organisation offers guidance to debt-burdened individuals, helping them in improving their financial literacy. Moudrá Sovička caters to the needs of seniors, by teaching them how to use their digital devices confidently. Meanwhile, Czechitas empowers women to develop digital skills, helping to close the gender gap in the IT industry. These organisations are shining examples of how lifelong learning can improve the lives of people from all walks of life.

The European Agenda for Adult Learning project is part of a larger European effort to promote adult education and lifelong learning funded by Erasmus+ (EU funding). While there are several inspiring initiatives in the Czech Republic aimed at skills development, they are often fragmented. This fragmentation results from the lack of a comprehensive, strategic approach to lifelong learning. The EU funding and resources from the project have been pivotal in addressing this issue, allowing the creation of materials that promote lifelong learning and highlight the success of adult learning providers who are already dedicated to developing essential skills among adults.

Lifelong learning and skill development are critical, especially in a world where change is constant and new challenges appear daily. The European Agenda for Adult Learning project has made considerable progress in raising awareness of the critical role of adult education providers, highlighting their achievements, and fostering a culture of continuous learning. With these engaging videos and infographics, the project has not only shed light on the skills that underpin success and fulfilment, but it has also sparked an interest in those who are committed to lifelong learning. It serves as a reminder that education has no age restrictions and that opportunities for growth and development are limitless.

Watch here another example of the videos produced for the project: on digital literacy.