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European Year of Skills

Unlocking Success: Exploring Nestlé 's Apprenticeship Programmes in EAfA

The European Alliance for Apprenticeships (EAfA) is an EU initiative that connects different actors to strengthen the supply, quality, and image of apprenticeships. Through its initiatives, Nestlé is part of EAfA and an excellent example of commitment to its objectives.  

Nestle traineeship Portugal

Nestlé and its apprenticeship programs

Nestlé’s engagement focuses on providing apprenticeships, and on joining efforts with other companies. Nestlé is committed to create 20,000 apprenticeships, traineeships, and jobs for young people in Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa by 2025, through its own initiative Nestlé Needs YOUth. But the ambition is even higher, when working together.

The Alliance for YOUth of like-minded European companies, established and led by Nestlé since 2013, provides training and first job opportunities, and supports young entrepreneurs. Together, the alliance members have committed to create 300,000 new job and training opportunities for youth in the same region by 2025. Bringing businesses together in support of youth, the alliance has already helped thousands of young people find work, thrive in the workplace, or start a business.

Helping young people find their way: Renato’s story

An interesting story comes from Portugal, where Nestlé’s apprenticeship programme has already provided 30 young people with unique learning experiences in a real work setting. One of them is Renato.

Renato began his Nestlé career as an apprentice in the Technical Services team at the Avanca Factory in 2019. He was attending a professional course in Metallurgy and Metalworking at the time and had no idea what it was like to work in a factory, particularly in the field of industrial maintenance.

During his apprenticeship, Renato had the opportunity to learn from his tutors' experience, and to experiment with different areas such as locksmithing, welding, and mechanics. Thanks to his performance during the apprenticeship, Renato joined Nestlé as an Electromechanics Operator Auxiliary in 2020. The following year, he became a Mechanic.

Helping regions bridge skill gaps: the case of Central Europe

Nestlé’s programs help not only young people, but also entire regions, with Central Europe being one of many examples. Given the shortage of skilled professionals in Hungary, Nestlé has taken steps to fill the gaps in their Bük factory. The programme began with 12 students in 2021. They graduated in 2023, and at the end of their studies, ten students chose the company as their first job.

Czechia picture women
A men making a coffee.


Another programme in Czechia and Slovakia is the Nespresso apprenticeship programme, which provides students with experience and practise in the coffee industry. The apprentices have already gained knowledge from boutiques, particularly about coffee and systems in general, customer service, warehouse management, business approach, sustainability, and recycling. Since 2016, the "Food Industry Worker" programme for Maggi and Carpathia brands has provided a practical training programme with 60% of the programme taking place in production and has trained over 40 graduates.

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