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European Year of Skills

Microcredentials for labor market education and training

This study examines the emerging relationship between microcredentials and qualification systems.


Publication date
1 February 2023
Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion


Information gathered through an online survey among European VET providers, national authorities, employee and employer organisations was complemented by in-depth country case studies and interviews with Cedefop’s ReferNet network. Questions of whether and how microcredentials should be related to established qualification systems are at an early stage of consideration in most countries; the focus is on better defining and standardising their role within national qualifications systems. Existing trends towards modularisation and the recognition of prior learning provide potential avenues for realising the benefits of microcredentials in terms of flexibility and responsiveness, while also ensuring their quality for learners and employers. There is still significant debate over how to deal with microcredentials, and how to avoid potential negative effects, such as encouraging a shift away from holistic education towards short-duration learning based around reduced skill sets.

Microcredentials for labor market education and training


26 FEBRUARY 2024
Microcredentials for labor market education and training