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European Year of Skills
News article29 February 2024Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion1 min read

DG NEAR hosted the 2023 ETF Green Skills Award winners

On 23 February, DG NEAR hosted the ETF Green Skills Award winners Ms Fatin Zeid Sleem and Mr Fayssal Nader Nabih, bestowed by the European Training Foundation.  

DG NEAR hosted the 2023 ETF Green Skills Award winners

The initiative, championed by Fatin Sleem and students at a Lebanese public school, tackles waste management with innovative solutions. The award ceremony was launched by the Commissioner for Jobs and Social Rights, Nicolas Schmit, and Oliver Röpke, President of the European Economic and Social Committee, at one of the flagship events of the European Year of Skills: the ‘Meet the Champions of Excellence’ event. 

Lebanon is grappling with a severe waste management issue characterised by piling waste and environmental pollution. To combat this, a public-school educator, Fatin Sleem, launched the Lebanon's Zero Waste project, focusing on education to empower students and the wider community. The project is establishing a model for waste reduction and inspire other schools and communities. The methodology involves developing a waste reduction plan, promoting reusable containers, collaborating with local businesses and parents, involving students in awareness campaigns, and establishing partnerships with local farmers and NGOs. They have achieved reduced waste generation, promoted of sustainable behaviours, developed leadership skills, and improved the school's environmental footprint. 

Discussions between NEAR colleagues in headquarters and Lebanon delegation highlighted the project's impact on promoting sustainable consumption and production, extending outreach to parents and farmers. Participants emphasised the importance of scalability and replicability in green initiatives, envisioning a future with integrated green education in Lebanon's curriculum. 

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