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European Year of Skills

Breaking Barriers: Women Go Tech's Journey to Empowerment in Lithuania

Women Go Tech is a project fostering female participation in tech, emphasising mentorship and community support to empower women in Central and Eastern Europe, and has helped over 700 women transition into tech careers. 

Woman standing in front of a logo "Women go tech".

The objective of the Women Go Tech project (NGO) is to foster female participation in technology and engineering fields while actively promoting gender equality in the workplace. Initiated in 2016, this programme emphasises the importance of mentorship in unlocking career opportunities for women, particularly in environments where gender biases may hinder their progress. By providing mentoring resources and creating a supportive community, Women Go Tech not only helps women transition into tech careers but also cultivates a generation of confident female role models in the tech industry. The project aims to empower women in the CEE region, enhancing their skills and enabling them to thrive in technology sectors, thus contributing to a diverse and inclusive tech talent pool. 

Their revenue streams include funds such as, OSCE funding; business support such as startups, fintechs, and corporates, and participant fees.  

“Women Go Tech is a testament to the power of community. We engage the business sector and over 300 mentors who volunteer their time for our cause. Our project's success lies in its inclusivity, involving both men and women in driving change. Through personalised mentorship, we address the challenges women face in the tech industry head-on.” - Jarūnė Preikšaitė, CEO 

Women Go Tech helped to requalify more than 700 women from Lithuania and Central and Eastern Europe into the tech sector, representing approximately 65% of the impact rate from women who joined the mentorship program and then found tech employment within a year period.