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European Year of Skills

Empowering Futures: Discover the EIT Campus

In the era of digital progress and the need for a greener future, the European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT) has introduced the EIT Campus. This online platform brings together courses from various fields, providing people with the knowledge and skills to navigate our changing world. 

EIT Campus, Marta

Covering innovation, sustainability, entrepreneurship, and emerging technologies, EIT Campus, designed for easy access, offers opportunities for growth across Europe. The project is funded by the EIT and the European Union, and specifically supported by the Directorate-General for Education, Youth, Sport, and Culture (DGEAC)., It is a joint effort to support continuous learning and skills development. 

Since its launch in January 2023, the EIT Campus has grown exponentially. With 220 courses available in the areas of climate, food, urban mobility, raw materials, manufacturing, digital and health, it caters to professionals, educators, policymakers, students, and the general public. The addition of features like account creation, course updates, and an insightful blog page aligned with EU policies, has furtherimproved the overall user experience. 

Individual Perspectives: Marta and Alessandro's Stories 

Marta's story began with a childhood dream of becoming a journalist. She pursued her passion, completing a Journalism degree in Seville in 2008 and later a Ph.D. Marta also engaged in European youth programmes, becoming a certified trainer. 

In 2018, she became a communication manager at a European NGO, working on education projects. Marta's career evolved into innovation, research, and open funding, leading her to her current role as the communications and digital marketing officer at EIT Campus. 

Marta's diverse background, including certification as a trainer and active participation in Erasmus+ projects, positioned her for success. Her journey, marked by a continuous pursuit of knowledge, showcases the transformative power of education. 

EIT Campus, Alessandro


Alessandro's journey into communications started during his college years, culminating in two degrees in Public and Corporate Communications and Digital Strategy. Later on, Alessandro seised opportunities that intertwined communications with the education sector, utilising marketing tools to promote educational programmes. 

This path led Alessandro to EIT Campus, where he is now a content editor. His journey signifies a harmonious alignment of his passions with his professional expertise. Alessandro's story mirrors the platform's commitment to fostering personal growth and skill development. 

The stories of Marta and Alessandro are examples of the tangible impact of the EIT Campus in shaping careers and empowering individuals with relevant skills.  The collaborative efforts of the EIT and other stakeholders are paving the way for a more knowledgeable, skilled, and sustainable future for Europe and beyond.