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European Year of Skills
News article15 December 2023Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion

Creative Skills Europe: Promoting Lifelong Learning for Creative Professionals

What skills do audiovisual and live performance professionals need to start and progress in their careers? How can we help them adapt to change and secure quality jobs? And what is the role of trade unions, employers, and social dialogue in a vibrant and changing sector? Creative Skills Europe has been exploring these questions for over a decade. 

Creative Skills Europe

Creative Skills Europe is a platform developed and coordinated by European social partners in the audiovisual and live performance sectors. Its main goal is to highlight the importance of continuous training, ensure its quality and relevance, and facilitate access to it for all professionals. It is a meeting point where relevant stakeholders from across Europe come to learn and share experiences. Stakeholders include trade unions, employers, national sector skills councils, training and education providers, professional associations, and more. 

Embracing Digital Skills 

Following the publication ofa series of thematic reports in 2019, Creative Skills Europe made the development of digital skills a top priority in 2020-2021.t. Webinars and podcasts were produced with experts from different EU countries, looking at the different stages of the creative process: Creation – Production – Distribution, through a digital skills lens. Digital learning material, called learning cards, were also created, to help professionals explore how others in creative industries use digital tools effectively. It is an innovative way to share experiences and knowledge across the cultural and creative sectors. 

A New European Framework of Actions on Skills 

So, what next? Based on the knowledge collected in the context of Creative Skills Europe, European social partners adopted a European Framework of Actions (FoA) to further promote continuous training and skills acquisition in the audiovisual and live performance sectors across the EU. The FoA is all about making lifelong learning more relevant, of higher quality, and more accessible to all sector professionals. 

The FoA addresses the most urgent employment, social, and economic challenges affecting the sectors and the skills solutions that can contribute to mitigate them: the digital adaptation, the green transition, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and energy crisis, the need to secure careers and improve work quality, as well as opening new pathways into the industry to diversify profiles. 

For the next two years, Creative Skills Europe will promote the take up of the recommendations put forward in the FoA by national social partners and other relevant sector stakeholders in different EU countries. It will also continue to engage with national sector skills councils and similar bodies to collect and promote the dissemination of good practices and the pooling of resources across Europe. 


Creative Skills Europe is one of the co-leaders of the large-scale skills partnership in the Cultural and Cultural Industries ecosystem under the EU Pact for Skills. The Creative Skills Europe initiative and its activities are supported by the European Union.  

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