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European Year of Skills
News article25 March 2024Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion2 min read

ECIPodcast: Crafting Success - Italian Artisans in the Digital Age

To celebrate the European Year of Skills, Fondazione ECIPA decided to launch a discussion with those who have made skills a distinctive point and cornerstone of their success.

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To describe all the changes in the world of Italian craftsmanship, they collected short stories of some of their members through a podcast in Italian called “ECIPodcast”. If Italian craftsmanship has a long and prestigious history, it is thanks to all the people who – with consistency and cutting-edge ideas – have made skills their strongest point, facing the challenges of sustainability, green and digital transition. 

Each episode of their podcast can be considered as an immersive sample into a unique Italian craftsmanship reality, where tradition and innovation merge for creating products and services of excellence. Through interviews with their members, Fondazione ECIPA uncovers how the world of Italian craftsmanship is evolving, adapting to new challenges and seizing the opportunities offered by the digital and green transition. 

In the first episode, Matteo Mantovani, from CNA Bruxelles introduces the European Year of Skills and highlights the importance of skilling and reskilling to remain competitive in an ever-changing world. 

The second episode is dedicated to David Braccini, a young Florentine entrepreneur, who introduces us to “dot.zer0”, his sustainable sneakers company. His shoes are made from wood waste and therefore represent a virtuous example not only of circular economy and sustainability, but also of company heritage. 

We also meet Gaia Segattini, founder of “Notwear”. Her company creates sustainable knitwear using waste fabrics, demonstrating how craftsmanship can be at the forefront of environmental protection, showing the principles of green transition. This is the topic of the third episode

In the fourth episode, Rossella Calabrese, head of Treccani Accademia, stresses the importance of reskilling and lifelong learning for artisans. In a labour market that is constantly changing, updating skills is crucial to compete and adapt to the new technologies of digital transition. 

Anna Paola Concia, Coordinator Organizing Committee of Didacta, the international education, training and job fair, highlights in the fifth episode the crucial role of training for the craftsman of the future. New technologies and the digital and green transitions require specific skills that must be developed through tailored training paths. 

Finally, in the sixth and last episode, Jacopo Perfetti, founder of “Oblique.AI”, brings us to the world of Artificial Intelligence applied to crafts. His company uses this technology for creating innovative products and services, opening new paths for the future of craftsmanship while following the inputs of the digital transition. 

ECIPodcast is an invitation to explore the variety and resilience of Italian craftsmanship, a sector that evolves and innovates while looking at the future with confidence and awareness to green and digital transition. The stories are valuable examples on how to inspire other artisans, students and whoever wants to learn more about this field with excellence, creativity and ability to shape the current and future world.