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European Year of Skills
News article27 March 2024Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion1 min read

Empowering Disabilities: Por Talento Digital - ONCE Foundation's Path to Digital Sector Employability

The ONCE Foundation is a leading Spanish disability organization with the mission of contributing to the full social inclusion of persons with disabilities, primarily through training, employment, and accessibility.This article is part of the National Coorinators article series.

National Coodinators project: Spain

In 2019, following several previous experiences, the ONCE Foundation formally launched the "Por Talento Digital" program, a strategic training initiative focused on digital skills and technology professions. 

Por Talento Digital is an innovative program aimed at bridging the digital gap and enhancing the employability of persons with disabilities, with a focus on digital and technological fields. It targets individuals of all ages, educational backgrounds, and levels of digital skills, delivering training online, in person, and through hybrid formats, thereby reaching individuals even in rural or isolated areas. In 2021, the first Por Talento Digital training center opened in Madrid, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, followed by the launch of a new e-learning platform in 2023. 

The training catalogue is tailored to the needs of the labour market, identified in collaboration with employers. In 2023, an Advisory Council was established with 25 leading companies from various sectors. Collaboration with employers is a key success factor, ensuring alignment with their needs, while accessibility and catering to the specific support needs of all students, regardless of disability type or severity, are essential aspects. 

Since 2019, the program has trained approximately 26,000 students with disabilities, with nearly 5,300 trained in 2023 alone. Notably, 47% of participants were women, addressing their underrepresentation in the technology sector, and 51% were over 45 years old, highlighting the program's role in upskilling and reskilling individuals with disabilities. 


In 2023, 90% of students who completed specialized training in specific technology job positions, such as programming, cybersecurity, and data management, secured employment or internship opportunities. 

Por Talento Digital also offers a Scholarship Program supporting students with disabilities enrolled in digital and technological training courses at other centres, awarding over 280 scholarships since its inception in 2020. 

Recognized nationally and internationally as a best practice, Por Talento Digital received the European Social Economy Award in the "Skills" category in 2023 and was acknowledged as one of the innovative initiatives by the Zero Project in 2024.