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European Year of Skills
News article6 December 2023Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion

Gender stereotypes campaign: All skills for all genders

In March 2023, the Commission launched a campaign to challenge gender stereotypes, prompting young adults to reflect on clichéd depictions. The campaign is live again this month! 

Man sitting in a bus and looking at his phone.

Gender stereotypes are a root cause of gender inequalities. Often, we are not even aware of them, but they affect each of us – both women and men. They can limit our choices, by influencing what we study, which careers we pursue or how we make simple life choices, like picking a hobby. Gender stereotypes limit everyone’s freedom. That is why it is important to question them.  

With this campaign, we want to raise awareness and invite young people to challenge these stereotypes in different aspects of life, including career choice, caregiving or decision making. Such an EU-wide communication campaign targeting young adults was a specific deliverable of the strategy. The campaign is a concrete deliverable of the Gender Equality Strategy 2020-2025

The campaign visuals aim at questioning gender stereotypes. Once someone starts seeing a gender stereotype for what it is, other stereotypes become visible, in a “domino-like” mechanism – then, we can see things differently. The campaign website provides additional information on how gender stereotypes affect us and contribute to gender inequalities. It also gives examples of how to combat gender stereotypes.   

Because we, both women and men, are often unaware of how much we are influenced by such stereotypes. But once one starts seeing gender stereotypes in a particular area, other gender stereotypes become more visible – it is like a domino effect. 

Gender stereotypes can also affect people’s upskilling and reskilling journeys, this is why this campaign is linked to the European Year of Skills. Your gender does not define the skills you can or cannot learn.  

Everyone can help disseminate the campaign materials, with the hashtag #EndGenderStereotypes. The campaign’s assets are available for download in all EU languages in the campaign website

Let’s change the mindset!