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European Year of Skills
News article11 December 2023Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion1 min read

The impact of Artificial Intelligence in Adult learning and Skills Development – The European Commission holds its first webinar on July 6th

The European Commission organized its first webinar on the impact of Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) Systems on skills and adult learning policy and practice on July 6th. Over 40 key stakeholders from 15 Member States (MS) took part in the debate, including representatives from the business sector, international organizations, and Vocational and Education and Training (VET) providers. 

AI webinar

Artificial Intelligence will transform skills development and adult learning 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is affecting all aspects of EU citizens’ lives, including the way we learn and prepare for the labour market. Just as an example, it is estimated that AI will substantially contribute to the automation of 14% of jobs while another 32% of occupations will face major transformations.  

The main objectives of the webinar were to explore how EU countries perceive generative AI for adult skills development, whether they are developing policies and concrete measures in this area and what do they expect from the Commission in the “digital disruption” provoked by generative AI. 

Member States are analysing where and if there will be a need for policy intervention  

AI offers unprecedented opportunities to expand the effectives, scale and scope of adult learning practices. To mention a few, AI could allow for affordable personalised learning at scale. Increase the output and the quality of our educational systems. Optimize and transform skills validation and testing systems. Accelerate the process of “learning package” creation in multiple formats, including stories, textbooks and tutorial videos. 

EU countries agree that AI will have a transformative role in the evolution of skills development and are attentively following the phenomenon. Yet, responding policies are at early stages. Focus is more on exploring the situation, data gathering and analysis if and where there would be need for policy intervention.  

What is next? 

Discussion will continue at different for such as the Employment and Social Rights Forum on 16-17 November.  

More information on what is happening ay the EU and country level is coming soon.   

Are you working on the intersection between AI and skills development?  

Have you been in touch with the European Commission Adult Learning team? If not, do not hesitate to connect through our functional EMPL-B2-UNITatec [dot] europa [dot] eu (mailbox!)