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European Year of Skills
News article16 January 2024Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion1 min read

Organise a discussion session during the Closing Event of the Year of Skills – call for proposals

“The European Year of Skills – what comes next?” is a large-scale conference bringing together hunderds of participants, in Brussels and online, to discuss the achievements of the Year and the road ahead. In addition to prominent political and stakeholder panels, the conference will feature interactive discussion groups on specific topics.

Making Skills Count

The discussion groups allow for more in-depth exchange to test or develop new ideas.

Four topics for the discussion groups are already set:

  • “Skills-first approach”,
  • “Upskilling and reskilling approaches: empowering individuals“,
  • “Investment in skills: agile funding approaches for public-private partnerships”,
  • “Better skills intelligence and smarter use of it”.

We would like to amplify the voice to stakeholders and actors, and thus invite you to host a discussion group of 90 minutes on a topic of your choice – alone or in cooperation with other stakeholders.    


The process involves three steps:  

  1. Application: Develop the topic of your choice and fill out the proposal by 20 February. Please note that the topic has to be closely linked to the objectives of the Year, able to bring added value to on-going discussions on skills, of relevance to a broader stakeholder group, with EU dimension, and innovative. 
  2. Selection: The two topics corresponding the most to these criteria will be selected. 
  3. Organisation of the session: Should your topic be selected, we will contact you at the beginning of March to start the preparations of the session. This involves fine-tuning the concept for the session, selecting and inviting speakers, technical rehearsals and briefings. Please note that the European Commission will provide logistical support and guidance on content, but the organisation of the session will require time and human resources in March and April from your side.  

Call for proposals