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ANLIN project: German industry, training providers and social partners raise awareness about sustainability skills

As the labour market places a greater emphasis on sustainability, the need for incorporating sustainability skills into on-the-job training is gaining traction. Recognising this, stakeholders are including sustainability concepts into daily training.

Anlin Project

In Germany, training providers, the chemical industry and social partners have joined forces to raise awareness about importance of sustainability within the vocational education system. 

The ANLIN project serves as a model for integrating sustainability into vocational training. Its initial phase it focused on trainees, while the subsequent ANLIN² project targeted trainers. Managed by Provadis, one of the leading providers of educational services in the State of Hesse with around 1,400 trainees and over 3,100 training participants, ANLIN aligns with the chemical industry's sustainability initiative "Chemie hoch 3" and has received wide recognition. The project was awarded the German Commission for UNESCO ESD Prize in 2019 and the Responsible Care Prize from the Hesse Chemical Industry Association in 2018.  

The participation of leading industry partners 

The ANLIN project’s hands-on interactive workshops benefited approximately 60 training specialists for scientific professions and around 40 trainees at Evonik Industries AG, one of Germany’s leading specialty chemicals companies.  

"Our experience with [ANLIN] has been very good," reports Dr. Theo Fecher, head of scientific/technical training and continuing education at Evonik, in Hanau. "I was able to observe the implementation of good ideas, such as checking consumers by switching plug-in electricity meters in the individual training areas.” 

The workshops confirmed how important it is to enable trainees and trainers to classify the topic of sustainability and vocational training for sustainable development. As job profiles evolve, training methodologies must adapt accordingly. Sustainability is no longer an optional subject but an integral component, intertwined with all aspects of work. 

An ‘idea box’ to promote sustainability in training  

To facilitate the seamless integration of sustainable practices into industry, the project created an “idea box” accessible here to interested companies. This resource offers tools to guide training personnel in aligning sustainability with the recently defined standard occupational profile in dual training. 

In 2021, the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BiBB) introduced the concept of "greening of professions" and education for sustainable development 

The Ideas Box offers suggestions and assistance to all those interested in vocational education and training in the implementation of the standard job description position "Environmental Protection and Sustainability". The same applies to methodological and didactic considerations in practice. The box is filled with the results of the project and practical experience, continuously adapted and supplemented again and again. 


A project network consisting of Provadis, the Qualifizierungswerk Chemie in Halle, the Bildungszentrum für Beruf & Wirtschaft in Wittenberg and the Institut für nachhaltige Berufsbildung & Management-Services in Hannover was established for ANLIN. The employers' association HessenChemie and the chemical union IGBCE Hessen-Thüringen were involved in the project advisory board.  For ANLIN², Provadis teamed up with the Nuremberg Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) of Central Franconia, which has made sustainability its guiding theme.  

ANLIN and ANLIN² were made possible by funding from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB).