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European Year of Skills

Connecting Talent: AppInterN's impact on vocational education and training students

DYPA (Hellenic Public Employment Service) is the proud Head Partner of a joint project in the context of Erasmus+, which led to the implementation of a Portal called AppInterN, an Apprenticeship Network. 

AppInterN logo

AppInterN, an Apprenticeship Network brings together stakeholders, institutions of Vocational Education and Training (VET) and employers through a network of Career Hubs. 

Establishing Career Hubs for Enhanced Collaboration 

Three Career Hubs have been formed in Greece (the Greek Portal), Italy, and Spain, with the following goals, among others:  

  • to establish an effective network between VET students, graduates, and employers; 
  • to facilitate the search for apprenticeships or jobs through databases; 
  • to enhance competences and skills through career guidance and events; 
  • to underline VET as an institution of high importance, providing information about the trends and challenges in the labour market, stressing the significance of work-based training as an effective way of boosting employability and career opportunities, especially among young people not in employment, education or training. 

The Greek Portal and its opportunities 

The Greek Portal is regularly updated with apprenticeship and training offers for VET students, as well as job opportunities for VET graduates. In the portal, VET students and graduates can create professional profiles and upload their CVs, making their skills and experiences visible to employers. They also gain access to relevant offers and information about VET-related events and opportunities. The application process for apprenticeships, training, or job offers can be completed online, facilitating seamless interaction between employers and students/graduates. 

The project, executed within the Erasmus+ framework, harnesses the benefits of EU funding, primarily fostering international cooperation and providing necessary financial resources, resulting in a successful outcome across all aspects. 

Nefeli’s experience on the Greek Portal 

Nefeli is the head of digital media for a prominent TV station in Greece. At her job, she oversees the broadcaster’s website. She manages editors, web designers, and developers, while also leading on product development. Recently, Nefeli participated in a Website Design and Development course offered on the Greek Portal, which enhanced her skills in coding, website development, and design. In addition to technical skills, the course enabled her to better understand her team's challenges and improved her communication with them. 

Nefeli, AppIntern