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European Year of Skills

Construction company and Georgian schools partner up to improve green and digital training – an ETF GRETA initiative story

Construction college Construct2 supports the transition towards a greener future by addressing skills gaps in Georgia’s construction sector and promoting sustainable construction practices. This partnership is hosted under GRETA, the European Training Foundation’s initiative for green skills development. 


Green skills encompass a comprehensive set of knowledge, abilities, values, and attitudes necessary to support sustainability and resource efficiency. To support the green and digital transitions, the European Training Foundation (ETF) launched GRETA: Greening Responses to Excellence through Thematic Actions. The initiative offers support for peer reviews, peer learning, practice sharing, and policy advice. 

Construction college Construct2  is one of the projects that the GRETA initiative supports. The project aims to address the skills gap in the construction industry by providing vocational training to students interested in pursuing a career in construction. The BK Construction company provides valuable insights regarding emerging skills needs and technologies in the construction sector, which helps the college design its curriculum and training programmes accordingly. 

This partnership has not only helped address skills gap in the sector, but also contributed to promoting sustainable construction practices in Georgia.  

How GRETA works 

GRETA adopts a whole institutional approach to greening VET, which means it aims to integrate environmental sustainability into the policies, practices, and culture of VET institutions. This approach helps identify and address systemic barriers to sustainability and engages all stakeholders in the transition towards a greener future. 

GRETA has been recognised as a global platform for exchanging inspiring practices, analyses, and stakeholder exchanges on green skills policy. 

GRETA’s achievements in the field of VET Excellence 

GRETA has achieved notable results since its establishment in October 2021. In 2022, it received the VET Excellence Award from the European Commission, with a special mention for its support to Ukrainian Centres of Vocational Excellence. GRETA is part of the ETF's global Network for Excellence and engages over 400 Centres of Vocational Excellence from more than 40 countries. These Centres, specialised in areas such as green technologies and digital skills, play a crucial role in driving skills for the green transition. They collaborate with other VET institutions and stakeholders, such as industry partners, to develop innovative training programmes. Centres of Vocational Excellence under GRETA also prioritise international partnerships and staying updated with the latest trends in their field. 

It collaborates with organisations such as UNESCO-UNEVOC, the Danube Strategy Green Skills Priority, and the VET Tool Box. The ETF presented GRETA at the EU Green Week 2023  

Get involved in the European Year of Skills by developing green skills! 

Are you working to develop the right skills for the green transition? Have you been in touch with your National Coordinator yet? If not, do not hesitate to connect!  Check the full contact list here.  More information on what is happening on the ground and in your country is coming soon.  Please visit our website and the map of events regularly. Find skills-related activities near you and be a part of the European Year of Skills!