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European Year of Skills

Débora's Journey: reskilling opens up a world of possibilities


Pact for Skills members are investing in their people.  

The green and digital transitions are driving transformation in the textile industry. Companies are recognising the need for skill upgrades and workforce investments to adapt to these changes and improve competitiveness. From Portugal, the CITEVE Academy and TINTEX, are leading the way by bridging the gap between people's aspirations and evolving labour market needs. Together, they are part of the Pact for Skills Textiles, Clothing, Leather, and Footwear Partnership, led by Euratex.  

Débora needed the right skills to achieve her goals 

Débora, who joined TINTEX thanks to the reskilling programme developed in collaboration with CITEVE, is an example of the power of upskilling and reskilling initiatives. "As many others, I wanted to change, but I needed the right impulse.", says Débora, who previously worked in the food industry for almost 10 years. The programme gave her a great chance to develop the skills she needed to change jobs and achieve her goals.    

TINTEX and CITEVE invest in their people to provide them with the tools for success  

Ricardo Martins da Silva, CEO of TINTEX, understands the importance of investing in their employees' personal and professional growth to improve overall well-being and job satisfaction. He says: “one of our missions is that current and future employees have guaranteed a career based on the principles of happiness and growth”. Elsa Faria, CITEVE’s CEO, knows that skills are central to keep up with the pace of change. She adds: “CIVITE’s mission is to contribute to the increased competitiveness in the sector, while attracting young talent and providing them with the right tools to succeed”.   

Through their commitment to upskilling and reskilling, CITEVE and TINTEX are creating a more sustainable and future-ready workforce, where personal growth and competitiveness go hand in hand. Débora’s success is a testament to the transformative power of investing in people and providing opportunities for growth. By focusing on their employees’ well-being, happiness, and career development, TINTEX and CITEVE are not only shaping the future of the textile industry but also empowering individuals to realise their full potential in a changing labour market.  


The Pact for Skills is a flagship action of the EU skills agenda and one of the key initiatives promoted within the context of the European Year of Skills. When you become a member of the Pact, you gain access to knowledge on upskilling and reskilling needs, advice on relevant funding instruments to boost the skills of adults in their regions and countries, and partnership opportunities within our growing community.

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