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European Year of Skills

DUB-IN project: innovative training to foster social inclusion

The EU-funded DUB-IN project, led by Fundación INTRAS, and implemented together with five organisations from Greece, Austria, Belgium, and Ireland, aims to foster the social inclusion of people with psychosocial disabilities. 

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Existing interventions to improve social skills for people with psychosocial disabilities, particularly those suffering from severe mental health issues like schizophrenia, have shown inconclusive results, indicating a need for better approaches. The DUB-IN project seeks to provide an improved method of delivering social skills training that is both effective and practical. By utilising dubbing as a tool, the project aims to offer trainers, practitioners, and researchers new avenues to enhance people with psychosocial disabilities’ social and interpersonal skills and combat social isolation, unemployment, and marginalisation. 

The project aims to achieve this by: 

  • Providing trainers and practitioners working with people with mental health issues with training solutions to address the lack of social skills in their target groups; 
  • Designing a unique and attractive training programme based on dubbing and tailored to the real social and communication needs of participants; 
  • Developing a training model that offers people with psychosocial disabilities real opportunities to improve their social skills, facilitate skills transfer, and connect training with real-life scenarios. 

The DUB-IN project receives Erasmus+ funding. It is a great example of how EU funds can help support skills development across Europe and reduce the risk of social exclusion, unemployment, and marginalisation. 

Social and interpersonal skills are essential to our participation in society and key to finding quality jobs. Based on film dubbing techniques, the DUB-IN training course allows participants to practice daily-life situations through cinema scenes. In a dynamic and safe environment, participants practice these daily situations that are common for most but challenging for them. 

This project is proof that there are many ways to learn. Using film dubbing techniques to help people with psychosocial disabilities portray daily situations that are challenging for them as a way to develop social skills shows that learning does not finish in the walls of a classroom and that learning new skills changes lives. 

Do you want to know more? Check the website and download the course curriculum and programme here.  

Do you want to practice dubbing exercises? You can find and practice exercises in English, Spanish, German, and Greek here. These are the exact dubbing scenarios that beneficiaries train in their programme. 

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The project is led by Fundación INTRAS and implemented together with five organisations: