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European Year of Skills

Empowering Digital Learning: chemical industry and vocational schools join forces

Digital transformation is reshaping the workplace landscape, emphasising the importance of digital learning in dual training. To equip trainees with the necessary skills for this digitised world, a collaboration between vocational schools and trainin

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In 2017, the insurance company ARAG SE and the German Children and Youth Foundation collaborated to launch "" - a collaborative initiative that helps educational institutions develop and integrate digital skills into their learning offer. As a result of this initiative, the "" initiative was launched in Hesse in 2020. 

Creating a network of schools and companies 

Ten tandems between vocational schools and training companies in the chemical industry were set up in the heart of Hesse. These groups collaborated to create concepts for digitally supported teaching and learning. The project network provided inspiration, professional exchange, and systematic reflection on their own practice. This occurred within the respective tandem, as well as in exchange with the other vocational schools and companies. In addition, the project network started individual projects aimed at fostering collaboration among learning venues. The offer also included five demand-driven online seminars, as well as exchange and cooperation on an online platform. 

Introducing innovative apprenticeship programmes 

One notable example of this collaboration occurred when B. Braun, a manufacturer of medical technology and pharmaceutical products, partnered with their vocational school counterpart, the Radko Stöckl School. This dynamic collaboration aimed to launch a new apprenticeship programme for electronics technicians specialising in information systems technology. Their goal was to create a digital platform and common learning modules. Over the course of two years, the collaborators created an integrated cross-learning curriculum and a digitalised class repository. Trainers and educators were skillfully introduced to the new content via a rigorous qualification process. The shift resulted in personalised self-learning models that reinforced independent learning among trainees.  

This collaborative synergy had a tangible impact. "We were able to attract new students and retain those pursuing the new training course," said Axel Becker, Head of Vocational Training at B. Braun. To further strengthen this collaboration, B. Braun experts helped the school in the programming of digital learning content. The positive outcome has fuelled a desire to broaden this digital transition to include other training professions. 


The project was launched by a network formed of the HessenChemie employers' association, the Hessen Chemical Industry Association, and the Provadis education company. The project was also part of the Arag insurance group and the German Children and Youth Foundation's programme. HessenChemie's participation underscored their membership in the European Alliance for Apprenticeships.