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European Year of Skills

Empowering Lifelong Learning: Croatia's Innovative Voucher System

In a bold move towards fostering continuous learning, Croatia implemented a ground-breaking voucher-based adult education system in April 2022. Designed to help both the employed and unemployed, this financial mechanism strives to enhance participation in lifelong learning, empowering individuals to stay competitive in a rapidly evolving job market. 

European Union Capitals - Zagreb, Croatia

Tailored Learning for All 

The voucher system operates on a flexible and user-centric model, placing a strong emphasis on individualised learning. Participants enjoy the autonomy to choose from a catalogue of eligible skills and programmes, selecting the education provider and programme that aligns with their career goals. This approach encourages proactive engagement in lifelong learning and career management. 

Seamless Digital Experience 

The application process for acquiring a voucher is simplified through an intuitive online platform. Applicants can apply for a voucher, as well as opt for career guidance services if needed. The entire application procedure is digitised, ensuring a user-friendly experience, and fostering a tech-savvy learning environment. 

Focus on Green and Digital Transitions 

Recognising the significance of the green and digital transitions in today's job market, the voucher system places a special emphasis on acquiring skills relevant to these domains. This way, participants are better prepared to navigate the challenges and opportunities that come with the evolving nature of work. 

Inclusive Approach 

The voucher system prioritises inclusivity, targeting vulnerable groups such as NEETs (Not in Education, Employment, or Training), the long-term unemployed, and individuals inactive in the labour market. By extending support to these groups, the system strives to create equal opportunities for all, fostering a more inclusive and resilient workforce. 

EU-Funded and aligned with the European Skills Agenda 

Built upon the principles of the European Skills Agenda, Croatia's voucher system benefits from EU funding through the National Resilience and Recovery Fund (RRF) and the European Social Fund Plus (ESF+). This alignment with European standards ensures that the programme is at the forefront of educational innovation. 

Success and Future Prospects 

The response to Croatia's voucher system has been overwhelmingly positive, with active involvement from stakeholders, the development of numerous eligible programmes by educational institutions, and a growing number of individuals benefiting from the vouchers. Beyond the numbers, the initiative has successfully raised awareness about the importance of lifelong learning and skills investment. 

Running until 2026, Croatia's voucher system stands as a beacon of innovation, providing real opportunities for skills acquisition and adaptation to the twin transitions. In a world where the labour market is evolving rapidly, this initiative ensures that no one is left behind, marking a significant stride towards a more resilient and skilled workforce.