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European Year of Skills

Empowering youth through apprenticeships and work-based learning

The Global Apprenticeship Network (GAN) is a multi-sectoral alliance that brings together and connects businesses, governments, and international organisations in order to promote work-based learning (WBL). GAN's country reach is achieved through loc

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GAN Global has recently become a member of the European Alliance for Apprenticeships (EAfA). EAfA is a multi-stakeholder platform that aims to improve the quality, supply, and image of apprenticeships in Europe while also encouraging apprentice mobility. EAfA is a platform for exchanging ideas and learning from best practices. During EAfA networking meetings, members can update the other members on their latest developments and activities.   

The following is a summary of some of GAN's global activities that may be of interest to other European countries interested in apprenticeships and work-based learning.   

Armenia: Labour Integration 

GAN Global implemented the Improved Labour Integration of Vulnerable Youth in Armenia through "Apprenticeship" project in 2020, in collaboration with the Armenia-based NGO Miassine. 500 young participants received personalised and work-based career guidance to help them choose a profession and begin an apprenticeship in that field. Employers benefited from seeing the benefits that an apprentice can bring to their company.   

Australia and New Zealand: Future of Apprenticeships  

In 2023, GAN Australia, GAN New Zealand and GAN Global hosted the Future of Apprenticeships Conference, which drew over 170 delegates and featured 32 speakers from countries striving for excellence in apprenticeships.  

Following the conference, the organising committee, continued the work with other activities. For example, other GAN Networks have grown interested in implementing a similar programme, including GAN France, by collaborating with other mobility organisations such as EuroApp. In addition, VET and apprenticeship stakeholders were gathered through events to expand the sector's knowledge and capability- Global Apprenticeship Summit

Guatemala: Skills for women and youth  

Swisscontact, GAN Guatemala, and the Jorge Toruo Foundation launched the "Empodera Guatemala" project in 2021 with the goal of promoting work-based learning, skill development, and the employment of women and youth. In 2022, they launched the "Pasantias Laborales" programme, which aimed to help women and recently graduated youth find their first jobs. 

Skills for employability 

GAN launched a project in Australia, New Zealand, and Colombia to promote digital skilling programmes for underserved groups, including women and indigenous groups, using Microsoft's existing and freely available tools. They identified the nature of the skills gaps in their respective countries, as well as insights into the most in-demand career paths and recommendations to ensure an inclusive Future of Work and better skills-match to labour market needs.