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European Year of Skills

EPLUG project: Vocational Excellence in Urban Greening


Reforming vocational training for today’s and tomorrow’s demand in urban green landscaping 

The European Platform for Urban Greening (EPLUG) develops high quality curricula and qualifications that address the skills gaps and societal challenges related to urban greening. The network aims to improve the quality and adaptability of the skills ecosystem (VET, companies, policy makers, people) for urban green landscaping. As driver of excellence and innovation, each European regional CoVE on Urban Greening promotes the proactive role for VET in local/regional development. 

One of the innovative training methods: a first-ever International Urban Greening Week 

The International Urban Greening Week, which took place between 9 and 22 April, is one example of what EPLUG does. International teams of vocational students from Finland, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic and Denmark visited the Netherlands and Finland to work on real-life learning challenges provided by companies and municipalities. The challenges consisted of practical research, workshops and several field trips and concluded with a presentation of their findings to a jury of experts on urban greening. By working on their challenge, the students learnt more about climate resilience, biodiversity and the health and well-being of all urban residents through urban green spaces. The challenge in the Netherlands was provided by the municipality of Houten. Students presented detailed plans and drawings for a biodiverse and green station area. In Finland the challenge asked how to create participatory activities in the Hatanpää or Hiedanranta park for the community and what are visible and invisible communities in a park?  Students learnt how different communities can improve biodiversity in their neighbourhood, and how to communicate with them. 

In this after movie, you get an impression of the International Urban Greening Week 2023 that took place in the Netherlands and why stakeholders were happy to participate. 



Erasmus+ funds the international partnerships between VET providers, companies, chambers and many more 

The EU initiative on Centres of Vocational Excellence (CoVE) enables VET institutions to rapidly adapt skills provisions to evolving economic and social needs, including the digital and green transition and provide high-quality vocational skills to young people and adults, while stimulating local business development and innovation by working closely with companies (in particular SMEs). The Erasmus+ programme aims to support the gradual establishment and development of 100 international collaborative networks of Centres of Vocational Excellence in the period 2021-2027, with €400 million in grants to support the initiative. 

Are you interested to learn more about the EU-initiative on CoVEs?  
Join the 2nd Forum on Vocational Excellence on 25 and 26 September in Amsterdam with high-level panel discussion, workshops, and site visits. Register via the event website.  

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