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European Year of Skills

Erasmus4Ever, Erasmus4Future – INDIRE's approach to improving adult education

The National Institute for Documentation, Innovation, and Educational Research of Italy (INDIRE) kicked off the European Year of Skills with a 3-day Erasmus+ programme, presenting it as a life-changing experience.

INDIRE project banner

INDIRE, a pioneer in service training, pushes boundaries and embraces innovation to provide teachers, administrators, and staff with the knowledge and skills needed to shape the future. They acknowledge European education and training collaboration, inspiring participants to explore upskilling and reskilling opportunities, offered through Erasmus+ programme.

Towards more modular and personalised training: INDIRE’s next mission

INDIRE projects aim to engage students and learners while also empowering and teaching them new skills. As the organisation focuses on non-formal and informal education, they aim at making training more modular and personalised. INDIRE believe that investing in reskilling and upskilling pathways is critical, particularly in Italy, and that adults should be better informed about learning opportunities. They also agree that gender equality should be more deeply embedded and mainstreamed in EU policies and practises (for example, women have transversal skills that are valuable in the workplace). Therefore, INDIRE is using the European Year of Skills to strengthen engagement and raise awareness about their work on skills.

INDIRE supports adult education thanks to EPALE (Electronic Platform for Adult Learning in Europe)

INDIRE also announces the launch of a new network of adult learning ambassadors. Experts  in adult education are being selected from across Italy to aid and support INDIRE in promoting Erasmus+ and EPALE opportunities in adult learning. "Everyone should be aware of oneself as a learner, with specific interests, motivation, and goals. Learning to learn is a driver to change, especially for adults." - Eleonora Perotti from the Training Centre says.

EPALE is the European initiative that supports and strengthens adult learning professions. Being part of the network is an opportunity to connect with colleagues around Europe and improve the quality of adult training. Adult training is one of the goals of the European Pillar of Social Rights which aims to reach at least 60% of adults in training by 2030.

Want to know more? View a video of the event:


INDIRE is an Italian benchmark for educational research that brings together innovation and excellence to reshape the learning landscape. With a rich history of pioneering new teaching models and harnessing innovative technology, INDIRE is at the forefront of transforming the relationship between time, space, and education as the National Support Organisation for eTwinning and EPALE. On a European scale, they are a National Agency for Erasmus+, which strengthens and helps educational exchanges, as well as a part of Eurydice, which supplies critical insights into education systems and policies in 37 countries.