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European Year of Skills

In Espoo, your work is our work – Espoo Talent Hub connects foreign professionals with internationally-minded employers

Across Finland, several sectors are suffering from labour shortages and companies are looking for talent. Faced with the consequences of an aging population, cities are developing programmes to recruit and integrate talent from outside Finland. 

People laughing around a table.
People in the picture from left: Nga Phan, Trang Pham and Betsy Akins.
©Elias Metsämaa

This is the case of the City of Espoo, where the population grows now mainly due to immigration. Espoo aims to be an internationally attractive capital for entrepreneurship and innovation, as well as an example of integration. To reach these goals, the city opened Espoo Talent Hub – a career network and service hub that brings together international professionals with top employers in Espoo and in the region.  

“Most international professionals settle in Finland quickly. However, some face challenges due to employers not valuing skills acquired abroad and find it difficult to build networks. It can also be challenging if their family members struggle in adjusting to life in Finland. This can make it difficult to establish themselves in the country and feel valued. We at Espoo Talent Hub help connect international professionals with their professional peers in Finland and internationally-minded employers. Our goal is to support the growth and internationalisation of organisations and help individual professionals find their path in the Finnish work life”, says Melissa Arni-Hardén, from the City of Espoo. 

Espoo Talent Hub’s services for employers: 

  • Offering information about developing inclusivity and diversity and about the benefits of international recruiting; 

  • Helping employers tap into talent pools of international professionals they need for their companies to grow and thrive.  

Espoo Talent Hub’s services for international professionals: 

  • Offering information about Finnish work-life and society; 

  • Developing their skills and helping them make them more visible for employers;  

  • Offering individual and group guidance on career development and job-seeking. 

Espoo Talent Hub is an umbrella that encompasses the Competence Centre for Highly Educated Immigrants, Employment Espoo services and Talent Espoo. 

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