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European Year of Skills

Kevin and Noah's learning and personal growth journeys with the Red Cross

Kevin and Noah came from Spain to attend the Meet the Champions of Excellence event as part of a group participating in a Red Cross project funded by the European Social Fund Plus.  

Noah, Cruz Roja

Noah's Journey: Improving her skills boosted her confidence  

Noah, a 25-year-old from Spain, finished a year-long training journey with Red Cross to work on leisure activities targeting kids and teenagers. The project is called “Tandem” and it combined three months of intensive coursework with nine months of practical experience, which allowed Noah to get practical training in two organisations, one working with kids and the other one helping refugees integrate into society.  

The project helped her gain self-confidence, while acquiring highly demanded practical skills such as advanced digital skills and English. Now she feels more confident and prepared for job searching, especially for roles working with children.  

Noah encouraged others to pursue vocational education and training paths: "Always do what you love.” She highlighted the importance of continuous learning for staying relevant in the job market. “Never give up and be yourself is the best you can be.” 

Noah was grateful for the possibility of participating in the Meet the Champions of Excellence event. For her it was a chance to broaden her horizons, meet new people and learn skills.  

Kevin's Journey: Developing skills for success 

Kevin joined the Spanish Red Cross’s youth employment project "Aceleradores Go", in December 2023. The objective of the project is to fill the gaps of the young participants to improve their employability by providing guidance, basic and transversal skills and working on their motivation. In the project Kevin has learned skills such as English and customer service. Although still in training, he believes that the programme will help him find a job, ideally involving the use of English, and his communication skills and the possibility of continuing training and learning new skills. 

Kevin understands how competitive the job market is, and that’s why he thinks it's important to keep learning new skills. He said, ” If there are any training opportunities go for it, skills are needed.”  

Kevin would encourage other people to participate in training not only to be ready for the labour market but also for their mental health. Learning something new makes you happy. He said, "As long as you learn something you feel alive”. He believes that to succeed, you need to be good at something. 

Kevin felt grateful for the chance to participate in the Meet the Champions event. Now he knows better how important skills are for society. He got inspired by the event and in the future, he would like to continue learning to improve his software development skills and English. 

Kevin Prieto, Cruz Roja
Kevin Prieto, Cruz Roja

Noah and Kevin's stories showed how vocational education and training can change lives and help you find your path.