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European Year of Skills

Lachin’s story: expanding her skills and knowledge through EIT Campus

Lachin, a PhD student from Azerbaijan in Estonia, is one of the many success stories of the EIT Campus. She is a food science enthusiast with a passion for sustainable food systems who dreamed of becoming an expert. This dream led her to discover EIT’s online courses. 

EIT Campus, LAchin

The EIT Campus online platform is an initiative funded by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) and the European Union (EU). It is a joint EIT community activity coordinated by EIT Urban Mobility, which offers courses in different subject areas such as climate, food, urban mobility, raw materials, digitalisation, manufacturing, and energy.  

Lachin, who was already familiar with the field of food science, found the "From Waste to Value: How to Tackle Food Waste"course on the EIT Campus not only a refresher but also  an opportunity to acquire complementary skills. The course deepened her conviction that   food science should be accessible to all, and that awareness is the key to change. Lachin even went a step further, advocating for the inclusion of such content in school curricula to address the root of the issue. EIT Food, the course provider, welcomes her positive feedback and sees it as a source of inspiration for aspiring learners, highlighting the impact of online courses in driving significant change in people's lives. 

EIT Campus – an opportunity to acquire skills and knowledge that can be useful beyond one’s professional life 

Thanks to courses on EIT Campus, Lachin strengthened her academic foundation and acquired important practical skills. According to Lachin, she is now better equipped to design, deliver, and assess educational content related to nutrition, sustainability, and food waste management.  

For example, one of the courses taught her more effective waste reduction strategies. She says that understanding food waste is a chance to feed the expanding global population: “It’s not just about knowing the concepts, but being able to implement and communicate them practically within my environment and social circles.” Another course, titled “Nutrition for Health and Sustainability” taught her “to assess and compose a balanced diet based on the latest nutritional science.” “This is a skill that will serve me for a lifetime”, she proclaims happily. 

 Two additional courses on food labels and food headlines helped her become not only a more conscious consumer, but also empowered her to provide informed advice for others seeking guidance.  “I am now a more conscious consumer and a better advisor to those looking for guidance”, she explained. 

The certifications obtained from EIT Campus have not only bolstered her credentials as an expert in the field, but also underscored her dedication to lifelong learning within the food and nutrition sector. 

The acquired skills through the EIT Campus are not just professional assets. They are life skills that enhance Lachin’s, and many others’, day-to-day decision-making. 

Discover EIT Campus 

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