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European Year of Skills

SCET-NET: Bridging the gap between employers and students in the Cross-Border Region of Italy and Austria

In the dynamic cross-border region of Italy and Austria, SCET-NET stands as an EU-funded project with a mission to bridge the gap between employers and vocational students. 

What is SCET-NET? 

SCET-NET aims to establish cooperation between institutions for a better coordination of training provision – from a legal and regulatory perspectives. It seeks to make cross-border exchanges among students and trainees in the Italian-Austrian border region easier, by developing common models. The goal is to achieve widespread recognition of competences and the adoption of common, replicable and sustainable organisational practices in the partner regions.   

SCET-NET targets vocational school students in the border area who often face various challenges to find a job - language barriers, validating internships, and navigating complexities related to insurance in the border region, to mention a few. 

Committed to address these multifaceted challenges and develop comprehensive solutions, the project considered all perspectives: understanding student apprehensions, acknowledging the role of local government, and defining the benefits for potential employers. 

Tangible results and a long-lasting impact  

The results of SCET-NET reflect the strong commitment of all partners to excellence. The project has provided language training for 71 students, arranged two digital fairs to highlight the challenges and potentials of the cross-border labour market, conducted 10 thematic workshops to link students with companies, and facilitated five cross-border internships.  

The long-lasting impact extends well beyond the project. For example, a matchmaking platform, connecting employers and students, was created. In addition, the project played a crucial role in bringing regional actors closer together. It helped regional chambers of commerce to establish institutional agreements to share best practices and implement cross-border training paths. 


SCET-NET is one of the Interreg Slam 2023 finalists and winner of the third place. Watch SCET-NETs  performance in the Interreg Slam 2023 here. Interreg Slam is an annual storytelling competition, celebrating Interreg projects and programs. In 2023, it highlighted the significance of collaboration and skills development. The Slam finale, part of the Interreg Annual Event in October 2023, was organised by Interact in partnership with the European Commission. 

Interact is one of the Interreg programmes, aiming to support the European territorial cooperation between EU Member States and EU regions and along the external borders of the EU. Interact is financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and by the 27 EU member states, Norway, and Switzerland. Interact IV will support the 2021-2027 funding period, and the Interreg and wider cooperation community. 

Interreg is an EU cohesion policy instrument that strengthens cooperation between regions and countries within the EU. During the sixth period of Interreg (2021-2027), known as Interreg IV, approximately 100 Interreg programs operate, fostering collaboration across borders.