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European Year of Skills

SkillLab: Supporting the people and employers of Ukraine

Looking for a platform that uses artificial intelligence to identify and match people's skills with jobs and education? Welcome to SkillLab. Discover their project in Ukraine: creating a digital ecosystem that connects people, education, and jobs, with skills development as the key driver. 

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SkillLab, in collaboration with the World Bank and Norwegian Refugee Council, is working on this project with the Ministry of Economy, the State Employment Service and the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine. This means:  

  • Supporting the People of Ukraine: SkillLab provides a platform for remote and digital services, where individuals can create their personal profiles, and access relevant job and training opportunities;  

  • Supporting the State Employment Service: SkillLab empowers the service to efficiently match job seekers with suitable opportunities based on their assessed skills; 

  • Supporting the Employers of Ukraine: SkillLab provides employers of Ukraine with an employer portal to create skill-based vacancies and access the anonymised profiles of job seekers with good skills matches;  

  • Promoting skills-based language: The project positions skills as the common language for understanding individual capabilities and labour market needs, facilitating better connections. 

Therefore, the relevant skills development angles include: 

  • Individual skill profiles: SkillLab helps individuals identify and understand their own skillsets, including technical, soft, and digital skills; 

  • Building skills inventories: The platform creates a database of skills profiles, making it easier for employers to find candidates with the right skills; 

  • Matching based on skills: The project promotes matching job seekers with opportunities based on their skills, rather than traditional methods like qualifications or experience alone; 

  • Supporting career guidance: Career counsellors equipped with SkillLab can provide more personalised and data-driven guidance to job seekers, considering their skills and potential development paths; 

  • Promoting targeted lifelong learning: Individuals and counsellors can access the data and tools needed to identify and address skill gaps, supporting lifelong learning by emphasising ongoing skills development and connecting individuals with resources to continually stay relevant in the evolving job market. 

Overall, SkillLab aims to empower both individuals and the State Employment Service by using skills development as a key strategy for employment success in Ukraine. 

SkillLab indirectly benefitted from the resources that the European Training Foundation (ETF) and the European Commission invested in the translation of ESCO to Ukrainian. The project could not have been launched without a translation of ESCO. Furthermore, the resources the World Bank provided (financed by the European Commission) to facilitate an in-person onboarding for champions and partners from the Donetsk region was essential. The counsellors travelled for 18+ hours to become champions in implementing SkillLab in their daily work and support their colleagues in using SkillLab. 

Since launching in Donetsk Oblast in January 2024, almost 1000 users have been invited. 97% of invited users have completed their profile and 37% have already found employment using SkillLab.