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European Year of Skills

Turning Dreams into Reality: Wallonie Aerotraining Network in Charleroi, Belgium

In a rapidly changing world where people are dreaming of new careers, the Wallonie Aerotraining Network in Charleroi, Belgium is making those dreams come true. This is a story about how learning to work with aeroplanes and the support of the European Union can change people's lives.  

Helping Dreams Take Off

The European Union has been a strong partner in assisting people to enter the aviation industry since the 1990s. It supported not only materials and buildings, but also training programmes to ensure that Charleroi's aviation industry maintains high standards.


Meet Etienne and Damien

Etienne and Damien, two individuals, demonstrate how this initiative can make a significant difference in people's lives.

Damien previously worked in the medical field before deciding to pursue a career in aviation. It was a big change from what he used to do, but it demonstrates how Wallonie Aerotraining Network training programmes can help people start a new career.

Etienne spent the majority of his life working as a graphic designer. However, due to life changes and COVID-19 pandemic, he desired to try something new. He quickly found work in the aerospace industry after completing his internship there. This demonstrates that training programmes can assist people from diverse backgrounds in finding their place in the aviation industry.


Learning for the Aviation Industry

He adds, "I finished my internship last week and signed my permanent contract the following day." The Wallonie Aerotraining Network prepares people for careers in the aviation industry, which was not previously widely available. Their training programmes cover a variety of skills required in various aviation-related jobs.

It is not just about learning; it is also about getting hands-on experience. They teach students how to make aeroplane parts and how to handle various tasks in the aviation industry.

One of the programmes teaches you how to become an operations agent. This entails learning how to efficiently load an aeroplane. It is not so much about building the plane as it is about making sure it is properly loaded, whether with passengers in Gosselies or equipment and crates in Liège.