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European Year of Skills

Unleashing the power of Scaffold: Revolutionising Learning Activity Design

On Teachers' Day, 5 October 2023, the European Training Foundation (ETF) and Joint Research Centre of the European Commission (JRC) unveiled Scaffold, an innovative card deck that will elevate educators’ lesson planning to new heights.

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Attention educators, get ready to transform your teaching experience! This deck of 102 cards empowers teachers to design captivating learning activities applicable to formal and non-formal education, any subject, and any learning style.  

The primary benefit of utilizing Scaffold for instructional design, as well as its innovative significance, emanate from its capacity to implement the "integrated learning outcomes" approach. This approach entails intentionally merging the outcomes of learning across diverse competency domains, such as digital, entrepreneurship, personal, social, learning to learn, and sustainable skills, through the thoughtful orchestration of multifaceted, real-world learning experiences. It affords educators the opportunity to seamlessly infuse specific competencies into the design and delivery of instruction across various subject areas. 

There are five types of cards in the deck: 

1. Setting Cards: Picturing the Learning Journey 

Begin your lesson design with the eight setting cards, which conceptualise the big picture, learning objectives, learner profiles, and the ideal learning environment. Scaffold guides you in crafting an immersive learning journey that meets the unique needs of every learner. 

2. Planning Cards: Building a Structured Framework 

With the seven planning cards, create a canvas for designing a well-organised lesson structure. These numbered cards prompt you to decide how to teach, implement timelines, and select appropriate teaching methods and assessments. 

3. Competence Cards: Empowering Learners with Key Skills 

Integrate multiple competences into your activities with the 57 competence cards, representing EU frameworks like DigComp, EntreComp, LifeComp, and GreenComp. Each card provides cross-references to related competences, fostering a holistic learning experience. 

Navigating competences across frameworks is made easy with seven transversal competence cards. These harmonise competences, ensuring a cohesive and well-rounded learning experience for your students. 

4. Teaching Methods: Unlocking Creativity 

Tap into a library of modern pedagogical approaches with seven teaching methods cards. Foster creativity, promote integrated learning, and unleash your teaching potential. 

5. Assessment Methods: Measuring Progress Effectively 

Enhance your assessment strategies with seven assessment cards. These diverse approaches facilitate diagnostic, formative, and summative assessments, helping you gauge your students' progress effectively. 

Embrace the Future of Education with Scaffold 

Scaffold is more than a deck of cards; it is a thinking tool that unleashes your creativity as an educator. With Scaffold, step into a new era of teaching and learning, where personalised and engaging education becomes accessible to all. Revolutionise your lessons, ignite curiosity, and inspire your students with Scaffold, the card deck that empowers educators to create transformative learning experiences. Embrace the future of education with Scaffold and watch your teaching soar to new heights. 


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