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European Year of Skills

Unlocking the potential of VET graduates: ENGIM’s international internship programme

Fondazione ENGIM (Italy) is a Vocational Education and Training organisation that goes beyond offering training opportunities to its students, promoting both their professional and personal development. With the support of Erasmus+ funding, ENGIM manages an international internship programme, which provided a transformative experience for a group of former students.  

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The chosen participants, from the Piemonte and Veneto regions, had a wide range of professional backgrounds, including car mechanics, tourism, and catering. After completing the vocational courses and acquiring their qualifications, the former students went through a preparation phase under the supervision of ENGIM's mobility project team. During this phase, participants learned how to manage logistics in a foreign country and developed their language skills. Following their preparation, they were offered an international work placement in their field of study in Valencia, Spain.  

When the participants arrived in Valencia in April 2023, they were accompanied by a dedicated tutor and began a tailored language course before being placed individually in hosting companies for three months full-time internships. This journey proved to be profoundly transformative for all participants. All four reported significant personal and professional growth, as well as increased confidence.  

After the traineeship, two participants received job offers from their host company. Aside from job opportunities, the programme provided participants with opportunities to improve their skills, network, immerse themselves in a different culture, gain independence, adaptability, and learn languages. 

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ENGIM's commitment to empowering young people through international experiences emphasises the importance of learning mobility initiatives. ENGIM was able to provide these graduates with life-changing opportunities by using EU funding, giving them a diverse skill set and a global perspective. As participants return home with a renewed sense of purpose and confidence, their experiences serve as an inspiration for future generations, showing how international internships can foster personal growth, teach new skills, and contribute to a more interconnected world.