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European Year of Skills

Zsolt Koncsik, Hungarian Champion who turned a childhood dream into reality, becoming the winner of World Skills best in Europe award on IT systems

Zsolt Koncsik is a Hungarian Champion, currently a Bsc Computer Engineer student at Budapest University of Technology and Economics. Before that, from 2016 to 2022, he studied at BMSZC Pataky István Híradásipari és Informatikai Technikum in Budapest.

Zsolt Koncsik

Zsolt won a gold medal in Euroskills competition, afterwards he also won the best of nations award to the point of winning the WorldSkills best in Europe award. During these competitions he developed IT infrastructures for imaginary companies, windows servers and he configured networks devices and routers.   

His childhood passion turned into a successful learning journey  

Zsolt has been interested in IT systems since his childhood when he loved playing games. Back at school, he started learning the basics of networks, server management, IT security and a few others key aspects of IT. These three fields turned out to be the most important ones for him at EuroSkills. He practiced mostly on virtual equipment and networks, but also on real, physical devices. 

His VET training gave him a lot of practical knowledge of real-life IT systems and infrastructures and helped him in pursuing what he likes. Zsolt believes that vocational education is a great starting point in building a successful career in a specific field or profession. Thanks to that people can learn the basics with practical learning sessions and practice through real-world scenarios. According to his experience, teaching methods at the University are very different from VET schools. The fact of having already done VET gave him an advantage and it also helped him choose the right university. 

The secret is to never stop learning  

Working in IT is a never-ending learning process. In the future, Zsolt would like to learn cloud computing and cybersecurity, and he believes VET training could be the right choice for this purpose. 

“It is a great honor to be recognized as a Champion of Excellence and being here in Brussels at the Meet the Champions of Excellence event organised by the European Commission and the European Economic and Social Commitee. This is a nice opportunity to meet people from different countries and exchange views on how they practice for Euroskills, Worldskills competitions. I like to talk about my profession a lot, and I hope I can encourage others who are also looking for a career in IT. I think it is really important to choose a skill that you love, and you are passionate about. It can help you build a successful career more easily and take you far.”