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European Year of Skills

Ann-Sofi Sjöberg

Expert, Sjöberg Improving Transitions AB (Sweden)

Photo Ann-Sofi Sjöberg

Since 2019 Ann-Sofi Sjöberg has been self-employed focusing on Lifelong learning, labour market transitions and up- and reskilling. As part of new laws and the main agreement at the Labour Market a State-owned Job Security Foundation for workers without collective agreements were to be settled and Ann-Sofi Sjöberg had the assignment to build and implement it. Another recent assignment was as an expert for the Eurocadres skilling leaders EU-project. Furthermore, she has worked for TCO, Swedish Confederation of Professional Employees as Head of Social Protection, Labour Market and Education Team and as Head of Communications at the Job Security Foundation TRR.

Featured in: Workshop 2 “Building new skills the economy needs” - 9th of June, 09:45 – 11:15