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European Year of Skills

Simone Ravaioli

Co-Chair, W3C Verifiable Credentials for Education and Parchment (Director Global Ecosystem and Innovation) 

Photo Simone Ravaioli

Simone leads Parchment's global ecosystem and innovation strategies, centered on converting credentials into opportunities. Based in Italy but with global remit, his focus is on advancing the global credentialing landscape by driving technical and human interoperability across education and work.
He spearheads key open standards initiatives, solidifying the global credentialing infrastructure as the co-chair of ehW3C Verifiable Credentials for Education task force. Simone has contributed to and leads advisory boards of influencial organizations like the Learning Economy Foundation, Groningen Declaration Network, Open Recognition Alliance, Erasmus Without Paper, and Credential Engine.
As a Kernel Fellow (KB7), he proudly identifies as a Serendipity Engineer and Credentialing Mentalist

Featured in: Workshop 3 “Digital credentials to support better recognition of skills and diplomas” - 9th of June,09:45 – 11:15