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European Year of Skills

Results of the European Year of Skills

Discover the results of the Year of Skills and how it has enhanced skills across the EU. Explore key achievements, events and initiatives in our journey towards greater skills development.

Year of Skills in numbers

2000+ events across Europe

190 EU led initiatives on skills

90 million video views on YouTube and Twitch

7 million readers through national media partnership

1.37 million visitors to 54 events in 23 Member States

41 million TV viewers in 5 targeted countries

69 million reach on social media


Delivering skills

The Pact for Skills has over 2500 members, and 20 Large-Scale Partnerships in all 14 Industrial Ecosystems. Already 3.5 million people have taken training courses set up under the Pact. In the coming years, the aim is to upskill and reskill 25 million people.

15 Member States are using EU funding to develop Individual Learning Accounts.

The European Alliance for Apprenticeships has reached more than 440 pledges, 40 national commitments and over 2.5 million apprenticeship offers.

There are 53 funded Centres of Vocational Excellence, with the goal to reach at least 100 by 2027.

€65 billion EU funding from the European Social Fund Plus and the Recovery and Resilience Facility for investment in skills for 2021 - 2027.

What’s next: The future for skills

Empowering everyone to train

Implement Individual Learning Accounts

Strategic dialogue on skills

Give prominence to skills across policies

Promote public-private partnerships

Skills First

Encourage skills-based recruitment, talent management, and skills validation

Attracting International Talent

Promote skills as an investment, not a cost

Explore ways to further incentivise financing of upskilling and reskilling

Strengthening VET for Competitiveness

Promote excellence

More women in VET professions

Integrate AI in training